Card 4

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Trustworthy Guidance

Trust yourself. The direction you are being pulled, pushed, driven, stalled, it is not an accident. If there are delays - relax, if everything is happening at once, breathe and go with the flow.

Know that you are always safe and support to move ahead with your inspired ideas and motivations. If uncertainty creeps in remember to check in with your own guides and ask for clear direction and signs.

If you are asking for a confirmation or answer - this is a firm yes! Go for it!! Remember that change is nothing to be afraid of, it has been a part of our evolution and growth since time began.

Embrace this notion and the amazing possibilities and excitement that come with not knowing, but still trusting and loving. With this card - the details take care of themselves.

Excerpt from the card
"You've received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers. This idea is real and trustworthy. You can safely move forward with it, knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Ask for and be open to receiving our support for anything that you need related to this idea."

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