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It is okay to simply 'be' for a time - no agenda, no labels, no wants, no needs - content and relaxed. Simply allow yourself some time to reflect and enjoy. Dream a little.

Allow your mind to wander and your heart to soar. If this means some things come to a stand still... so be it. It is nothing that won't waif for you.

If you have been asking for answers, this card is telling you have more than you know already and you in fact have been answered - however the inspiration and ideas may not be getting through due to your level of clutter or distraction.

Writing, creative expression and paying extra attention to your dreams will be of particular importance this week. Give yourself this allowance of time and energy.

This card can also be an indication of new ways of thinking, new projects and new opportunities. Releasing the need to control the details and don't sell yourself short - dare to dream.

Excerpt from the card
"You will more easily hear and receive our messages if you daydream regularly. Relax and open your mind to receiving, without directing your thoughts. Just notice any feelings, visions, or ideas as if you were watching a movie. This is the seat of creativity."

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