Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading


A Tarot card reading can provide glimpses into the energy surrounding where you are and what you are feeling helping to give you a broader perspective of the bigger picture.

These readings are perfect for more complex questions or situations where a bigger viewpoint and higher guidance is needed. A minimum of 10 cards are drawn to create an overall picture of your circumstance; your power and options surrounding you now and the directions things are likely to go.

Upon purchase you will immediately be sent a link to our reading information form to confirm your question and clarify all details of your reading.

Card and energy readings transcend physical locations. We can do readings for anyone, anywhere.

We will complete your reading within 3-5 days with a full written reading, card photos and reading overview. We have found this the best way to deliver readings so that you may review and re-read the readings as many time as you feel you need.

If you would like a live session reading please visit our spiritual services page.

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