Spirit Affirmation Cards

Spirit Affirmation Cards


Embrace your individuality and connect to guidance, support and empowerment. You are ready! You are here, seeking an avenue of energetic responsibility for your choices and your destination. This deck of 52 affirmations allows you to choose a card to work with each week. Begin a subconscious redefining of your ideas and beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of.


These cards are designed to be used as a journey of value, self-discovery and acknowledgement. Through these attributes comes your authentic creativity and responsibility for self, choices and life as a whole.

Our Spirit Affirmation cards - these work with your conscious and sub-conscious mind - giving you the opportunity to breakdown barriers and overcome the older parts of yourself that you are willing and ready to release and free your heart from.

Using the power of 'I AM' affirmations - puts the words into a NOW perspective and gives the mind powerful statements to grasp and believe - through repetition and intention - this can become a invocative and satisfying experience.

We suggest working with one card each week - or even each month if you want to - reciting the affirmation right before going to bed and immediately upon waking and as many times throughout the day as you feel drawn to.

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