Dual Reading

Dual Reading


Our dual reading consists of two separate readings on the one situation, question or topic. Both Kylie & Tracy will read for you, tuning into your energy and giving you two perspectives on your question or overall current energy.

An amazing and unique experience where intention and energy are combined to give you a profound glimpse at where you are and where you are going. Uncover where your energy is being held, what opportunities lie ahead and how to take advantage of the moments as they present themselves.

We promote energy intuition that develops understanding of self to enhance self development and growth therefore all products, courses and consultations focus on an individuals NOW moment to create clarity over the past and direction for the future.


Crusading Spirit will not foretell the future of an individual because we understand that the future is 100% subjective and based on the choices an individual makes in the present moment.

Energy readings are kept confidential and no private information is passed on to any third party.

Upon purchase you will immediately be sent a link to our reading information form to confirm your question and clarify all details of your reading.


Card and energy readings transcend physical locations. We can do readings for anyone, anywhere.


We will complete your reading within 3-5 days with a full written reading, card photos and reading overview. We have found this the best way to deliver readings so that you may review and re-read the readings as many time as you feel you need.

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