Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is all about being responsible – for others, for self, for ideas, emotions, reactions and behaviour. This mighty planet quite literally teaches us how to work with restrictions.

This complete transit happens to be a longer one than most, meaning that the effects will be drawn out. This might be giving us more time to sort through our stuff, but don’t expect that to mean that the effects will be milder.

Saturn is extremely fair, just and wise. As a teacher and guide, this planet offers big rewards for all those who are willing to look at themselves, and lovingly do the work. Re-organizing the areas of life represented by the house that Saturn shows up in can lead to great rewards. Saturn does not want to stop us, it serves only to slow us down, to bring us into the present and to prevent us from taking unnecessary risks. By recognising the value of this energy now, we are able to create and structure our lives in ways that will be of the most benefit to us later.

Saturn is already in retrograde and re-entered Capricorn on the July 1st 2020 where it will stay until September before it stations again on December 17th 2020. Each Saturn transit can be considered as a round of achievement and growth. Through these cycles we are forced to mature in every sense and to establish wisdom and clarity that come only through living our individual Truth. It is common for the world around us to feel cold and isolated during a Saturn retrograde cycle, however this is by design because it helps to establish an uncomfortable energy from which we recognize a desire to come out from underneath and through this… we discover our inner strength.

As Saturn moves back into Capricorn it is important to note that before this cycle began in May, it hadn’t been here for 30 years. This transit brings about a very serious undertone because not only does it create emphasis on sorting through, taking stock, examining, reorganizing, and rebuilding parts of your life but it’s amplified by Capricorn meaning that this energy is standing in your face, arms folded and instructing you to get back to work!

There are a few things to consider when assessing your chart in respects to Saturn and its transit through Capricorn.

The Saturn/Capricorn combination represents the densest materialisation possible of which a Human Soul is able to experience. This aspect is representative of ‘The Dweller on the Threshold’ and in facing it, we face our fears and our past simultaneously and must learn to put our trust back into our Higher Selves and the greater plan. Your Saturn Sign represents where your Dweller will be ‘met’ in this lifetime. The house position, (1st – 12th), is where you will face the Dweller and the house itself is where you will need to balance your karma.

It’s time to take a serious look and decide what is working and what is not.

It’s time to bring more discipline into your life and truly commit to the process.

This is the time to create new structures from the ground up and in doing so atone for karma and deep, forgotten lineage which will allow for long awaited, ancestral healing.

I can’t promise it will be easy…

But its not personal… its just Saturn… making sure you get the job done!

Brace yourself for some tough love as our sense of duty towards self, relationships, work and authority comes under the microscope – but remember… it is all for your own good.

Trust the process.

Be YOU… there is only one.

Kylie x

P.S. ~ Did you know that each Chakra is connected to a planet in our solar system? Keep an eye out for a new blog on this soon.

Look to your Astrology chart (we can do these for you) to find out where Saturn lies. This shows you the keys for overcoming any present challenges as they arise throughout this Saturn transit. Read about what you are working with this current Saturn cycle.

Saturn in Aries ~

“You will be what I tell you to be” - Indoctrination. You may feel driven to prove or achieve something solid. Your performance becomes public or everyone’s business somehow.

Your lesson is to break free from these limitations when dealing with undesirable situations.

Now is the time to figure out when and how to say no to things at work. Saturn is your teacher on the subject of ‘boundaries when it comes to interacting and working with others’. Which do you need to move? Which do you need to tear down? Where do you need to build new ones? Be discerning in your public choices and know not every job that comes your way is right for you.

Saturn in Taurus ~ Responsibility and material acquisition – Security. You are being challenged to look at life and your future more realistically and practically. There can be important accomplishments in publishing or education.

Your lesson is to seek and assert your freedom from the chains of deficiency Saturn retrograde is transforming the way you see and relate to the world. You have been assessing what kind of life works for you. Now is the time to perfect your ideals and focus only on the beliefs that are serving you and relinquish all that is outdated.

Saturn in Gemini ~ Thoughts are things – Clarity. Your challenge is to clear up those things you share with others (money, resources, power) as well as matters of dependence and intimacy. This is a time to tackle fears of losing control.

Your lesson is to transmute feelings of restriction and expectation that you feel bearing down on you.

Saturn has been teaching you about rebirth and transformation leaving you to figure out your personal boundaries. If you have been paying attention, you will already be finding ways to satisfy yourself with deeper nourishment for your Soul. Don’t be afraid to explore what is beneath the surface.

Saturn in Cancer ~ Unresolved childhood. – Sacrifice welfare.

Your challenge is to create strength within relationships. Commitments can be made or tested through this time and realities are faced within one-on-one relationships. Your lesson is to stop discerning what is right and wrong based on the emotions you have been taught.

Saturn has been analysing your interpersonal relationships perhaps leaving you frustrated by all the drama. You may be surprised by what you have learned and this is your chance to stop suffering in silence and to reflect on your role and responsibility within your relationships and to integrate these lessons of love.

Saturn in Leo ~ Responsibility dictated by others – Ethical ownership Your challenge is to realign your routines, job habits, health, and self-care plans to manage your energy.

Your lesson is to learn to act, not out of fear of rejection or punishment or for reward, but rather because you believe it is the right thing.

Saturn is nudging you toward reworking your long-time habits that you may have stopped giving attention to and are just running on automatic - not a funlesson to learn, but great for personal growth. You are literally creating a new lifestyle in order to prioritise your needs and inject more balance into your life.

Saturn in Virgo ~ Self-criticism, needing to be loved – Perfectionism. Your challenge is in your creative expression - romance, children, hobbies and entertainment are bringing up potential areas of restriction through tests of realism, commitment and discipline as you may struggle feel life’s joy.

Your lesson is to know that you are Human therefore you are imperfectly perfect by design.

No one likes to be told not to have fun but Saturn wants you to reassess how you are using this creative energy. You cannot be all things for all people. You cannot do all things for all people… you end up having no fun and doing nothing for yourself. Time to put some ‘playtime’ back into your life.

Saturn in Libra ~ Doing for the greater good of others – Self-sacrifice. This challenging time focuses on the home, family, personal, and nurturing matters as areas that are in need of a little realism, discipline, and structure.

Your lesson is to make space in your life for what those around you need in order to work with and see the bigger picture and how it coordinates the master plan.

You're entering a new phase when it comes to the responsibilities in your home life, and taking care of your family. Find best ways to support loved ones without forgetting about your own needs. Honour your boundaries and take things in your stride.

Saturn in Scorpio ~ Control issues – Trust.

Your challenge will show up as increased responsibilities and commitments. Details, study or work may feel like it’s flooding you and simultaneously creating a decrease in your interactions with others.

Your lesson is to stop thinking that if you don’t do it all yourself, it won’t get done or that something terrible will happen. Trusting others to manage details and trusting in your own sense of when enough is enough. You are finding new ways to express yourself and now is the time to practice these skills and build your confidence. Whether you express through word, writing, art or any other modality… it is time to speak up, share your ideas, wisdom and time in better ways.

Saturn in Sagittarius ~ Abstract responsibilities – Maintaining morals. The challenge will involve money and possessions as Saturn teaches you about resources and value.

Your lesson will be about de-cluttering your life, physically, mentally and emotionally so as to strip back to what really matters and what is really important… your standards and ethics.

Your relationship to your finances, assets, and overall value will be defined and refined and now is your chance to apply your ideas to create what you want to experience. Saturn teaches you the connection between money and your own self-worth. Review what is making you feel good and what isn’t – what is working and what is not.

Saturn in Capricorn ~ Day to day achievements – Feeling accomplished. Your challenge will come as increased personal responsibilities that require attention to detail and efforts whilst simultaneously managing your health. This means being more efficient with your energy levels and time management.

Your lesson to find daily routines that support rather than supress your needs and desires on every level.

Saturn may be revealing a whole new person through this Capricorn cycle as your transformation opportunities have been huge. Your maturity has developed but it’s not quite over yet. The biggest and most valuable lesson is just around the corner. Hang in there… this one will make all others worth the ride.

Saturn in Aquarius ~ Balance is the middle path – Rebellion. Your challenge is to embrace this time of spiritual renovation. To clean-up your mind and give attention to mental health. Take care of unfinished business, regroup, process, and heal the regrets and perceived failures that you still hold onto.

Your spiritual boundaries have had you questioning everything you believe and feel and now is the time to trust in your intuition. Important messages and guidance are coming to you – are you listening and paying attention.

Saturn in Pisces ~ The weight of the world on your shoulders – Reasonable responsibility. Your challenge will come as you tend to your social life and happiness by sifting through goals. It’s time to move towards your dreams or to let them go. Either way, it is time to realise that no-one is holding you back except you.

Your lesson is to stop blaming, whining, and complaining. Take responsibility for you and define boundaries for yourself.

Your friendships and social responsibilities may be at the forefront of teaching you balance between standing up for yourself and being a part of a group. Revisit your personal connections throughout this time and see which you still find value in and which you don’t because where you choose to place your attention and your energy is important.

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