Heart Fire... what drives you?

A retrospective look at the week

Heart Fire

Have you felt overly passionate or connected to outcomes this week? Did something not turn our as you expected... leaving you feeling as though you missed an opportunity, or were hard done by?

Passion is important, it leads us to our soul path and drives us lovingly forward - even when we feel we can't continue... our love for something reminds us.

But sometimes divine timing has other ideas, and it can be more important for us to go with the flow - release the expectations and finer details and be willing to ease off of the forcing or necessity of things.

Sometimes other souls are involved in purpose, event, relationship or situation have more urgent 'divine requirements'. Trust that you will not be ignored. Remain focused, full of love and passion - feel the spark and be ready to follow the path once again - don't limit your beliefs.

THIS? YES!! Something BETTER? YES! YES! YES! Feel this..., know that the divine have you closely guarded, protected, guided and ready. Amazing things are coming, you are worthy, you are deserving, you will not miss out. Tracy x

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