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Uncover the beauty of the energy and experiences that the Universe has in store for you through guidance, intuition, intention and inspired connections.

Insights allow understanding.

Sometimes we are too close to be able to see the big picture.


We lose sight of what's important and the deeper meaning behind where we are, what is happening, how we got here and what we are yet to experience.

We ask WHY things happen.

We wonder WHAT we are going to do.

We want to know WHEN things are going to change and HOW we will know what action to take.

Through guidance, we support you to become a master of your own life.

Through intuitive energy and card readings we create space for self understanding.



Whether it be your life goals and desires, your health and well being, your inner growth and self development, or your relationships, Crusading Spirit offers you personal readings online and remotely which are backed by years of practice and experience.


Our background and expertise in health & nutrition, life coaching, spiritual counselling, body healing, energy intuition, aromatherapy, psychology and emotionl awareness provide the foundation of our readings, healing and alchemy,


Know where you are, so you can choose where to go. This is empowered living. We promote energy intuition that helps you develop an understanding of self to enhance  your self development and growth.

Find strength & clarity in understanding the energy that surrounds your present moment and come to know how best to use that energy as you go forward.

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