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Spirit Connections

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Contemplate self discovery, understanding and knowledge that has come together through self discovery, understanding and knowledge.

This is not education

These are not courses, or classes.

There is nothing to recall, revise or remember and there is no way to cheat on the final exam.

You cannot learn anything through Crusading Spirit without doing the inner work yourself.

This is why we call it active self learning.


Education is outside of self, separate to self. It is coded in terms of RIGHT or WRONG.

Education conforms and is fragmented, finite information.

Knowledge is expansion of internal awareness. It is growth and understanding of  self and surroundings.

Knowledge is free from judgement and is infinite possibility.

We each teach that which we have lived...


mind, body, heart & spirit

Know who you are so you will know where to go.

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A true teacher speaks only truth of self in ways that inspire others to seek their own truth.


Teaching is love- Learning is light. By sharing the love, we are helping to spread the light.


Crusading Spirit begins a journey that goes on without end.

There is always something to learn about yourself, the Earth or the Universe.


All of the Crusading Spirit practices are created by qualified professionals, however the teachings will come of your own experiences, not from a book.


That is to say, what you come to know about yourself is representative of your experiences throughout what you practice and your willingness to be aware of this.

Who do you want to be?


Crusading Spirit content has been designed to assist in aligning you with your higher frequency to achieve more of you, who you are and of your own, individual truth.

Life the life you desire and deserve.

We serve as a guide to discovering your own truth by assisting you in taking the most empowering first steps.

What do you want to create?

COMING IN 2021...

Create with clarity... create unity.

© 2020 by Crusading Spirit.

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