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We are sisters and best friends, we have always said that we are mirror images of one another and have been the one constant in each others lives.

Now...  we are able to work together creating Crusading Spirit.


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This is a movement of energetic awareness holistically passionate about guiding the human collective through emotional enrichment, self empowered choice and conscious action. 

We believe in the power within us all.

We believe that embracing the authentic power within oneself with awareness of emotion, thought and action will change the world.

From the very first moment that Crusading Spirit became a concept, we have committed ourselves to upholding these beliefs and sharing our strengths and knowledge with those ready and brave enough to step up to take responsibility for what they allow in their lives.

From the Book 'The Secret Language of Relationships'. We have always said that we are true reflections of one another, we balance each other and have an innate and complete understanding of when to push and when to wait.

The Week of the Teacher


The Week of Intensity

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-  Healing Alchemy - body / heart / mind / Spirit

-  Qigong

-  Transpersonal Psychology

- Holistic Counselling – EFT, shadow work, Esoteric Astrology, Spiritual Awareness, Dream Analysis, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Visualisation, Meditation, Breathwork

-  Past Life Regression & Healing Hypnosis

Certified to work with many tools that connect the layers of conscious energy and existence, Kylie is passionate about guiding the self-healing of others. Through understanding the tangible communications of the body and its many levels of expression, she works to create deep and lasting transformation and healing.

As a mother of 6, Kylie maintains her personal balance by giving herself time to pause, feel the Sun or to be around water.

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- Meditation

- Tarot and Oracle cards

- Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

- Crystal Therapy

- Spiritual Life Coaching

- Astrology

Tracy completed her diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching as the core of her practice for guiding people and animals through the process of acceptance, release and responsibility. She includes essential oils, crystals and cards as a means for creating a supportive and loving space for others to become more aware of their own power.
Tracy loves spending time with her husband and three boys and is passionate about serving all beings human and animal. She is most at home with her bare feet on the Earth.

Through the power of understanding and choice we embrace and 
embody the intention of individuality.  We acknowledge the authentic journey of every one of our Spirits. We want you to recognise your energetic potential for living and creating.
We offer practices, processes, tools and experiences and allow space for you to begin or continue your journey among uplifting and supportive spirits.

We are forever Crusading...

© 2020 by Crusading Spirit.

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